Nobody would argue that the goal of being in business is to make money but with the current economy, there are many factors that reduce the corporate bottom line. The rise of telecommuting has proven to help limit the reductions of capital and actually has the potential to save companies significant amounts of money.

With the corporate cost cutting ideas Goemployed can provide to your firm, you can benefit with greater profits while improving the life/work balance of your employees and reducing the carbon footprint on the environment.

Ways a corporation can save money with telecommuting

When Goemployed provides employees for a company, those people work off site. In the long run, this serves to substantially reduce costs to the company or add to income in a number of different ways. According to extensive research, these corporate cost savings ideas are the main reason nearly 60% of companies have turned to telecommuting.

  1. Save on office space, supplies and equipment: Some companies report overhead cost reductions of nearly 30%!
  2. Save on sick leave, days of absence and the cost of training new personnel due to attrition: Stress is the cause of a large percentage of illnesses and problems that result in employees using sick time. With too much stress and job dissatisfaction, people leave the company resulting in lost productivity and the need for expensive training of new personnel. Nearly 50% of employees stay at a job where they are offered the opportunity to telecommute and over 30% prefer that option over a higher salary.
  3. Increase productivity anywhere from 15% to 45%: Through telecommuting, employees are said to be less distracted, don’t waste time getting to and sitting through meetings, are able to collaborate more easily and are not as affected by ‘snow days’, ill children and time off for medical or other personal business.
  4. Take advantage of the best people to handle any job: Telecommuting allows for hiring staff from anywhere in the country or world without having to relocate people. It is also perfect for older employees who have a lot to contribute to the company and to new members of the staff through mentoring.

Indirect benefits of telecommuting

Allowing and encouraging employees to work from home has obvious monetary benefits but there are other factors that also help such companies. Employees placed by Goemployed are happier and are not only more productive but they spread a more positive message about their employer. Additionally, being identified as a green company is becoming quite important and telecommuting reduces the amount of oil consumed, general energy usage, vehicle exhaust and parking areas that ruin open spaces. This improves the corporate image and positively increases brand recognition. Goemployed can explain these and identify other company cost saving ideas.

Join the trend and promote telecommuting

There is no doubt that telecommuting is not going to go away. By all accounts, it is an idea that is spreading rapidly in the US and abroad. While roughly 45 million Americans report working from home at least one day a week, just over 3 million of them consider their home to be their primary work location. It is estimated that almost 50% of the US workforce could perform their jobs by telecommuting so there is tremendous potential for companies to take advantage of the many company cost savings ideas presented by Goemployed.

Encouraging telecommuting is a wise, forward thinking business decision and Goemployed is ready to show you how.


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