Not only during tough economic times but throughout the life of any business, it is wise to cut office expenses as a way to minimize wasteful spending. With telecommuting, there are tremendous reductions in a number of typical business costs without any disruption to service.

It is simple to save money when Goemployed demonstrates how to cut office expenses by turning to a staff of telecommuters who do not depend on a physical space known as ‘the office’. The greater the percentage of staff engaged in telecommuting, the easier it is to cut unnecessary overhead and office costs.

Where did the money go?

In any traditional office or administrative setting, there are many regular expenses associated with conducting business.

  • Rent or real estate
  • Telephone
  • Salaries and benefits
  • Insurance
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Postage and delivery
  • Travel
  • Office equipment and furniture
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Waste and recycling
  • HR services

With a staff comprised of telecommuters facilitated by Goemployed, most of the expenses can be slashed if not outright eliminated.

How is that possible?

Goemployed can demonstrate how to cut office expenses by switching to telecommuting. It is clear that a tremendous amount of money can be saved – or better yet – put to use where it will do the most good for the employees and the company.

The utilization of home offices or work spaces and personal computers allows a company to scale back or eliminate a physical presence thereby reducing all the expenses associated with that traditional space. There is no rent, office equipment or furniture, maintenance, computer hardware and software, utility costs or allowance for travel.

Telephone, fax and postage costs are now covered by the inter-connection of employee contacts and cloud computing and that also enables a different emphasis on online marketing as opposed to traditional ad-agency efforts.

Once a company head sees how to cut office costs by encouraging telecommuting through Goemployed services, the program will grow and create a virtual office that saves money, allows for more contented and productive employees and significantly reduces the carbon footprint by avoiding the use of fossil fuel, reducing waste water, cutting back on electricity and eliminating the use of paper.

Dare to compare

If you are not sure about this savings through the use of Goemployed telecommuting services, try a little exercise. See for yourself the amount you can save when you learn how to cut office expenses with virtual staffing. List all your company expenses for the items listed above then cross off everything except salaries and HR services.

Wouldn’t that amount of money really help the company’s bottom line?


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