One of the biggest issues facing both workers and employers today is health care. The cost of medical care is soaring, insurance is prohibitively expensive and there is a stand-off regarding who should pay.

The work place has practically become a war zone because of various factors and the result is stress. As people succumb to the effects of stress, health is compromised and the need for medical services increases. This has become a vicious cycle which hurts the bottom line of all businesses and contributes to sluggish economic recovery.

The hidden costs of stressed workers

As a result of stress from the job, commuting and facing the ever-present hardships of the workplace, a variety of problems arise that affect the efficiency of employees.

• Taking unscheduled time off to handle personal issues while claiming to be ill.
• Over 75% of employees call in ‘sick’ for other reasons.
• Working in spite of being ill and spreading germs.
• One sick employee can contaminate 50% of co-workers and surfaces in 4 hours.
• Developing illnesses and conditions related to long-term stress.
• Stress is considered a trigger in nearly 80% of diseases.
• Losing extensive time due to vehicular accidents as a result of commuting.
• Stress contributes to distracted driving, road rage and speeding.
• Suffering an occupational or workplace injury, in some cases violence.
• Legal fees also add up when responding to worker’s compensation claims.

Stress in the workplace

In recent years, telecommuting has developed into a highly efficient way for companies to improve the satisfaction of their employees. This has then led to less stress which translates first into less illness and further into lower overall health care costs. Goemployed virtual staffing helps companies and job seekers come together in the world of virtual business, benefiting everyone involved.

How telecommuters improve their health and reduce health care costs

One of the biggest benefits of telecommuting is the extra time workers have to take care of themselves. Between extra productivity and no time wasted traveling, it is estimated that people save several weeks to more than a month each year. Without the stress of the traditional workplace and commuting, telecommuters are able to be more relaxed in general, take time to exercise and eat right and be more pro-active about their health. Goemployed strives to achieve this goal of improving the work/life balance of telecommuters so that optimum health is possible at a much lower cost.

Telecommuting is one answer to handling the world-wide epidemic of stress

It is clear that Goemployed telecommuting programs would help to save US business some of the estimated $200 to $300 Billion that is lost per year due to stress related causes including absences, medical insurance, lower productivity and greater employee turnover. That amount of savings more than covers the reduced costs of premium health benefits for all employees while adding to a very healthy bottom line.


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