A brick and mortar business of any type spends a tremendous amount of money for rent on real estate and the necessary expenses that go along with it. Especially in some areas, the cost of occupying space is more than the business can afford and severely limits the general operation and growth of that company.

This problem is compounded when a company tries to expand to other markets and needs to acquire space in different areas of the country or even internationally. In fact, growth may be completely out of the question unless the company turns to Goemployed to learn how to cut costs on office rent.

Rent is just the beginning

In any discussion of cutting the costs of office rent, there are actually many other factors that need to be included. In other words, rent is not the only expense associated with physical business space. There are also:

  • Office equipment, supplies and furniture
  • Utilities – gas, water, electric, waste disposal
  • Telephone service and postage

When Goemployed addresses the question, ‘How do I cut costs on office rent?’ the solution involves telecommuting.

How does that work?

Telecommuting allows a company to hire staff through Goemployed that works completely or at least some days per week off site, at home. For some corporations, this has meant a decrease of anywhere from 25% to over 75% in real estate costs. There are three obvious benefits to this arrangement in terms of how to use office space.

  • The fewer the employees on site, the smaller the office can be.
  • Business can expand into different markets without needing physical office space or the costly relocation of staff.
  • The existing office space can be shared – scheduled for use by multiple employees at particular times.

Is that an effective way to do business?

Among companies that utilize telecommuting, at least 60% have found a significant increase in overall productivity. Telecommuting has proven to be so successful that some of the companies on Fortune’s list of the best companies to work for have up to 90% of their employees telecommuting. While that number is currently the extreme, many others have between 50% and 75% employee participation in work-from-home programs.

Part of the reason for greater productivity among telecommuters is the improvement in the work/life balance that results in fewer illnesses related to stress. There is less time lost to sick days, travel which can lead to traffic accidents, and absence due to other personal responsibilities like sick children, appointments or caring for a parent. For some companies, this means that they can eliminate up to 60% of their overall absenteeism costs. There is also streamlined communication and the ability to collaborate without having to meet in person.

Why not save money and improve performance!

Ask Goemployed ‘How do I cut costs on office rent?’ and you will discover a tremendous program that saves the company money, the employees’ health and wellness and the earth’s resources.


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