With the explosion of internet technology and its availability to most people it is becoming increasingly common for workers to find jobs online. Not only that, but many of today’s positions are perfect for telecommuting – working from home by using the internet. This has created a tremendous change in the dynamics of job searching, hiring and actual staffing requirements that will take over completely in the years to come. It has also taken a great deal of stress away by eliminating the question ‘How do I avoid layoffs?’

The convenience of the virtual office for off site employees

Telecommuting is a concept that began as far back as the 1970s when transcriptionists could take tape recordings home and type out letters, notes or information for files. Now that IT has expanded and allows for a wide variety of activities, it is possible to do many different types of jobs as an off site employee online and not have to face the question ‘How do I avoid layoffs’. Goemployed provides connections to positions such as:

  • Accounting
  • Book keeping
  • Computer programming
  • Customer service
  • Data search and entry
  • Graphic design
  • Software engineering
  • Telemarketing
  • Writing, editing and publishing

Some of the world’s major corporations utilize the services of virtual employees online for as much as 90% of their workforce (but most commonly between 20% and 70%). Among the industries making the most use of telecommuting are:

  • Airlines
  • Banks
  • Education
  • Financial and credit card institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Health care
  • Software developers

Connecting qualified people with virtual jobs

Just as computer technology has opened up many prospects for working from home, it also enables companies and job seekers to connect more efficiently. Goemployed strives to match potential candidates from all over the world to many positions that offer full-time employment with a good salary, benefits and the flexibility that has made telecommuting so popular. This has also been instrumental in helping avoid layoffs.

Goemployed provides a specific set of criteria for companies and job seekers alike to be able to streamline the process of filling jobs. This is based on the International Standard Classification of Occupations by the International Labor Organization.

  • Job seekers don’t waste time and resources applying for positions with vague descriptions or requirements
  • Companies don’t need to wade through cookie cutter applications from people who don’t qualify
  • Companies have access to the widest possible talent pool
  • Job seekers don’t have to consider relocating to a job site

Flexibility is a key feature of telecommuting

Not only the employee but also the employer benefits from the flexibility afforded by a staff comprised of telecommuters facilitated by Goemployed. Individual productivity is increased by at least 15% to as much as 45% and simpler collaboration is facilitated increasing the company bottom line. Greater efficiency and the absence of in-office distractions may collectively add over $500 billion per year to company assets.

Another frequent issue with today’s workforce is the question ‘How do I avoid layoffs?’ With the flexibility provided by telecommuting, projects are easier to schedule and can overlap since there is no competition for space or office resources.

A win-win situation for business and the employee

It is not often that both the company and the worker can benefit at the same time but that is exactly what happens when Goemployed affords everyone the ability to search for employees/employment online, provide excellent service by working from home by computer and not have to be pre-occupied with the dilemma of ‘How do I avoid layoffs’.


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