The look of the modern workspace has changed dramatically, due in large part to the rise of telecommuting. That means that employees do not report to ‘the office’ anymore but rather work from home. This has quite a few advantages, not only for the company and employees but the environment and physical facilities as well.

Benefits of an off site workforce

For companies, there are quickly noticeable benefits when Goemployed helps hire off site employees.

  • Reduced real estate costs – up to $10,000 per employee
  • Elimination of costs for office supplies
  • Greater employee efficiency and productivity – increase of an average of 30% to 40%
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Lower health insurance costs – over 60% of unexpected absences are eliminated

For individuals, benefits are equally significant.

  • Less stress leading to better health – 80% of ailments can be traced to stress
  • Tremendous savings on transportation, clothing, meals – more than 6 weeks of commuting time saved per year
  • Flexibility to handle other life situations
  • No need to relocate, even if the company moves

Everyone benefits from the ecological perspective!

  • Reduction of the dependence on foreign oil by up to 40%
  • Elimination of over 50 million metric tons of carbon emissions
  • Significant reduction of the use of electricity

The overall economy benefits as well

When a company chooses to hire an off site worker, there is a general benefit to the economy as well. By enabling and encouraging people to work from home online, Goemployed staffing is able to reach countless individuals who are

  • currently un- or underemployed
  • women and other care givers who can’t take the time away from children or ill parents
  • disabled individuals who are unable to commute
  • anyone who is looking to reduce the stress of the rat race.

Another benefit to the economy is that the phenomenon of telecommuting covers a wide range of industries and job descriptions. That means that many different skills are needed as well as a range of educational and background experiences. It also means that those specific qualifications can be met by a staff that is geographically diverse.

Connecting employers and job seekers

With the Goemployed program, it is simple for people to connect with the jobs of their dreams. The International Standard Classification of Occupations by the International Labor Organization provides the criteria for the appropriate staffing of many different jobs.

With a questionnaire that is rather specific, people can focus on their best assets and find jobs that match them without wasting time and money sending out countless resumes for positions that may not be appropriate for them. Likewise, firms are not inundated with applications from people who are not remotely qualified.

Working smarter, not harder

Goemployed provides a strategic tool for forward-thinking businesses and prospective employees to maximize their work experiences and relationships.


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