Hiring off site employees has become the business norm for both large and small companies looking to grow their bottom lines, increase output, and provide top-notch service. But what about hiring international workers? Is this something you should embrace as part of your business paradigm, or is it something you should be leery of? After all, if an off site employee is halfway around the world, can you really be in control of their output and the quality of their work? The answer is a resounding, “yes”! And can it make a big difference in controlling your costs and favorably impacting your bottom line? Once again, the answer is a resounding, “yes”!

The benefits of hiring international off site workers

By definition, off site workers do not commute. Why is this important? Because the ever-increasing time it takes to commute to work can impact a business by:

  • Contributing to stress-related health issues.
  • Increase absenteeism or tardiness.
  • Decrease productivity and performance.

Obviously, since off-site international workers do not commute, these problems are eliminated. Goemployed facilitates the online hiring of overseas employees so that as a company manager or owner, you’ll get better output with work done on time and at a higher quality.

By using off site international workers, you can eliminate, “hidden costs”

There are built in costs involved in your everyday operations so you hardly notice their impact on your profitability. For example, in small cities, an employee’s office space can cost the employer up to $10,000! And in large cities, that cost can actually double. Multiply that by your number of on-site employees, add it back to your bottom line, and you’ll see this is a major benefit.

And don’t forget moving costs. Whenever you move your on-site employees from one site to the other, it can cost thousands of $$. With off-site international employees there are never any moving or relocation costs.

A bigger pool of qualified applicants

You may be looking for secretarial help, or maybe accounting, sales, engineering, or marketing. Whatever you’re looking for you can turn to Goemployed for your employment needs. But here’s the major difference: with Goemployed your search is totally international, as opposed to regional or national. This gives you access to talent worldwide. If you’re headquartered in Zurich, you may find the chemical engineer you’re looking for in Sydney. If you’re in the U.S. and looking for clerical help, you may find it in Mumbai. And if you’re in Russia and looking for marketing help, you may end up hiring someone from New York.

In short, the easy-to-use Goemployed system puts the finest talent in the world, right at your fingertips enabling any company to hire overseas employees. Even better, once you’ve entered the qualifications you’re looking for, Goemployed will supply you with a list of candidates who meet your specifications – precisely. Just think of the time and effort that can save you and your HR department!

Today, business is global

Even the smallest companies are selling and buying goods and services worldwide. This international phenomenon is growing by leaps and bounds. Companies are branching out, and many are looking to establish an international presence in various sections of the world. Consider the expense of setting up an office in a foreign country as opposed to hiring native off site employees working from their homes.

Put simply, hiring overseas employees to work off site is a very, very smart business move!


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