Is your company looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs? Build your work force in a most cost effective way, using off site and telecommuting model

  • Cost Savings – Telecommuting jobs provide:
  • Efficiency – Teleworking or telecommuting increases productivity
  • Health and safety advantages for off site employees
  • Environmental effects

Why Goemployed?

  • We are not yet another freelancers job site – our main focus is to promote the initiative of putting as many corporate employees to work from home as possible. You do not need the added stress of finishing a freelance project and facing unemployment. We are talking about normal working contracts, not freelancers or ad-hoc jobs, however if you prefer freelancing that can also be a part of your plan.
  • We understand the value your time. That’s why we use very detailed employee/job search based on International Standard Classification of occupations by International Labour Organization (
  •  Our site is multi-lingual and we combine local presence and global coverage.

Modern trends in labor market vs corporate objectives

With the development of technology and in the era of globalization human resources were viewed more and more a commodity.
However, it seems that the global financial crisis has brought back the understanding that your employees are one of your company’s greatest assets.

• What they say about your company
• How they act in the workplace
• How happy they are in their roles

All have a large impact on your brand, your image, your levels of service and ultimately your customers’ satisfaction.
In today’s competitive business environment, human resource management (HRM) has shifted from being a business function to a strategic tool as organizations increasingly recognize its importance in organizational performance.
HRM’s role is no longer restricted to serving personnel issues but is now serving strategic company objectives and goals as well.
Business leaders are starting to perceive HRM as a unique source of competitive advantage through its direct impact on employee productivity and motivation.


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